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  Sonik Consulting Group is a Vancouver-based management and information technology consulting firm. We offer a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who possess a unique combination of management expertise and technology experience. We believe in developing relationships with our clients as trusted advisors and as project drivers. We help our clients renew strategy, plan things right and get projects on track.

» Sonik presents 'Merchant Acquirer Influence on PCI Remediation' to ISMS User Group

» Intrawest extends Sonik PCI Program engagement

» Intrawest selects Sonik for Financial Reporting Project Management

» Teck Resources engages Sonik for Enterprise Content Management

» Sonik conducts Wireless Health Check and Roadmap Plan for Teck Resources

Alliance Partner
The Innovation phase represents the beginning of the client business cycle. LEARN MORE...

Process & Planning
The Process & Planning phase involves the primary activities that usually comprise a majority of the effort at this stage in the project lifecycle. LEARN MORE...

Sonik's roots are found within Implementation activities. Our consultants have deep skills and experience in successful project implementation activities. LEARN MORE...

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance (QA) is critical to the success of any process or project. Planning, standards and best practices are all common themes of a sound QA process. LEARN MORE...

Post Launch
At the end of every project it is paramount to monitor and review the impact of the project. Post launch services feed back into the Innovation phase, where future plans stand to benefit from current project learnings. LEARN MORE...

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